Service Matters

Service Matters Lawyer
  • Recruitment/ Appointment issue
  • In service issues ( service condition issues, service benefits)
  • Retrenchment/ Termination of the service (Suspension disputes)
  • Retirement issues after completing Superannuation
  • Pension & Gratuity disputes
  • Transfer & promotion Issues
  • Salary issues (Arrears and increments)

It is very painful and problematic when your service has been terminated without citing any reason for that. It is very difficult to ask for interim relief when you are already surrounded by your official problems. To handle both the things, your day to day office work and consulting a lawyer it is really a daunting task. Our lawyers are well trained in handling the service matters and ask for interim relief in urgency, when your salary has been barred by accusing you of false and fabricated charges.

Our Advocates are well trained in filing show cause notice to the employer to cite reason for termination of job, transfer of job and for not providing the Retirement benefits. From daily wages issues of Labour Law to Govt. service matters under the Administrative law, we take up all kind of cases.

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