Recovery Suits

Recovery Suits Lawyer
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  • Debt Recovery (DRT Matters)
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GK & ADVOCATES are well trained and experienced in handling the recovery suits of all kind. Recovery suits are of different nature and from different areas of laws. A recovery suit could be when someone refuses to pay you the amount for the services he/she has received from you.

A recovery Suit could be of recovery of the loan amount that one has obtained after mortgaging the property. In India the debt recovery matters goes to the Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT). Any appeal against the DRT orders goes to the DRAT.

A recovery suit could also be a consumer complaint. If you bought something and the goods found to be in damaged condition then you can file a complaint in the consumer forum for recovery of money along with the damages.

GK & ADVOCATES represent in all type of loan matters of banking and non-banking financial companies that goes to the Debt Recovery Tribunal. Our Advocates also defends those debtors who have taken the loan but due to some genuine reasons are not in the capacity to repay the amount but are not denying to repay it when they would have the money.

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