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  • Possession, Ownership and Easement Issues
Property is of two types one is moveable property and the other is immovable property. Issues related to the immovable property in India are dealt under the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 and the issues related to the moveable property are dealt under the Sale of Goods Act, 1930.

There are several issues related to the property disputes, for instance, ownership of the property, possession of the property, lease of property, tenants and sub-tenants issues, easement issues, and Transfer of Property.

Drafting of sale deed or deed for the transfer of property required high level of professional skills so that, all the clauses of the agreement should comply with all the legal norms and do not create any hindrance to the parties in the future.

Property disputes generally have very long file. So, we suggest that the settlement is a better choice than to go for years of arguments in the court of law.

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