Motor Accidents Claim

Motor Accidents Claim Lawyer
  • Rash Driving
  • Negligent and Rash Driving
  • Accident Compensation claims
Motor Accident claim is a different category of offence as there is no intention of the parties to commit road accident. So, when there is no intention of the party to cause injury or damage to the property of other party, it is difficult to prosecute the offender under the Indian Penal Code. But where the issue is of Rash and Negligence driving it is covered under the IPC.

Motor Accident cases are generally of compoundable nature. There is vicarious liability on the owner of the vehicle to pay damages or compensation for the loss sustained by the injured party. Our lawyers are expert in computing the damages that vary from case to case.

Who is at fault for the accident is a subject of litigation, but there is one more thing that is the no-fault liability principle. In the death accident cases or where the injured has got partially or permanently disability, it is mandatory for the party who has caused accident to pay compensation to the deceased or injured who has sustained partial or permanent disability.

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