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Litigation & Arbitration Lawyer

In Litigation both the parties are represented by their Advocates. Both the Advocates present their side of story and render arguments on the basis of the facts and circumstances of that case. Along with the arguments they exhibit the evidence to prove their side of story. After scrutiny of the documents and listening to both the parties an order/decree or a judgment has been passed by the learned judge. This is an old style of resolving the dispute in the court of law. It is an effective medium but lot of people consider it to be time taking and very expensive. So, to speed up the trials the new method of ADR has started getting recognition worldwide. Now people consider ADR to be more effective, time consuming and less expensive than the litigation method.

  • Arbitration
  • Conciliation
  • Mediation
What is ADR? ADR stands for Alternate Dispute Resolution. ADR is an alternative to litigation to resolve a dispute. ADR has three methods to resolve a dispute Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation. Not only the common man but also the legal experts at times get confused between differentiating and defining these three methods. But one thing is there that is common in all three that all these three are alternative method of dispute resolution.

GK & ADVOCATES understands this difference and possess the skills to advice to its client that what should be his/her next step in the matters of Arbitration, International Commercial Arbitration, Conciliation proceedings, and Mediation between the two parties in family law disputes.

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