Family Disputes

Family Disputes Lawyer
  • Matrimonial Disputes
  • Maintenance Disputes
  • Guardianship and child custody disputes
  • Property disputes
Family Law is the branch of law that deals with the disputes that arises between the family members. The dispute could be matrimonial dispute, domestic violence dispute, property dispute or it could be the dispute for the custody of child or maintenance of parents, wife or children.

To resolve the family disputes we need to examine the legal position of the party carefully. For instance, what is the financial condition of the party? Is the party is in position to provide maintenance to the family members. Who can be a better guardian of the child mother or father, the welfare of the child is the paramount consideration in deciding this matter.

GK & Advocates try their best to convince the parties to resolve the dispute amicably, if there is any scope of settlement between the parties, we advice the parties to settle it out of the court, rather than going into years of arguments in the court of law.

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