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When you are into service whether it is government job or private job, you could face any kind problem like underpaid salary, promotion not given, illegally your service contract has been terminated or you are facing other problems too like the departmental inquiry, retirement issues etc. If you have any of the dispute as mentioned above or if you want to file any complaint against your employer or the organization you must consult a lawyer first.

A lawyer can guide you well that what you should do because a lawyer who practice in service matters often go through similar problems and they know very well that what to do and how to handle such problems. If you are apprehending that your dispute can go to court or any complaint has been filed against you the also without wasting time you must consult a lawyer.

Your job is your livelihood so you must take all the measures so that you can work in an organization in a hassle free way. If you have any claim against your employer then you must claim for it. GK and Advocates practice in service maters as well and it provides all kind of legal assistance for service disputes. Whether it is about your termination of service, your salary claims, or any other dispute between employer and employee or between the employees, GK & Advocates handles all kind of service disputes.

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