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What is intellectual property? The word intellectual itself throw light on its meaning that anything that you creates from your intellectual mind or intelligence that is intellectual property. Here the word anything means anything that you write from your intellectual mind which is your own creativity, anything that you invent with your own intelligence or any design that you create which is unique in itself all comes under the intellectual property.

Intellectual property is divided into three parts one is copyright, second is patent law and the third is the trade mark. Writing a book comes under the copyright law and any pharmaceutical or any other technical invention that deserves a patent comes under the patent law and if you are doing trade and commerce and you have designed any specific trademark to represent your brand that designs comes under the trademark law.

All these creations are generated by the intelligence of the human being so the one who is the creator of the intellectual property deserves a right to enjoy the benefits that arises from that creativity. Thus, the intellectual property law protects your right over that property so that no one else can take undue benefits of your endeavor which you have invested for its creation.

Intellectual property is not a national subject now. You can register you patent right, copyrights and trademarks at international organizations also that look after the international laws of the intellectual property rights like the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). If you want to register your patent then you can search for a patent agent. Similarly, trademarks are also been registered and authors also get copyright of their work.

If anybody infringes your intellectual property right you can sue that person and claim for compensation. The disputes of intellectual property are a different area in itself. Thus if you have an intellectual property right dispute you should search for a lawyer who practice in Intellectual property area.

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