Legal Advice and consultancy

“A good advice can save years of arguments” this is what every lawyer advice to his client. We understand the value of a sensible advice. A sensible advice can really save the years of arguments. A dispute can be resolved at any stage if the people are interested to resolve it and if they got the right lawyer to advice them at right stage and time. We provide legal consultancy in all legal domains like the trade and business issues, contract and company laws, property issues and all other legal matters.

If you are interested to starts a business in India. If you are willing to invest in India in any specific business and you are looking for a law firm who can guide you well and explain you and make you aware with all the legal formalities of India to start off the business then the GK & Advocates can help you out and explain you all the policies and formalities that you need to comply with before starting a business. Whether it is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Merger or Acquisition, Venturing or buying and selling, we provide legal consultancy for all kind of investment issues.

If you want to invest in any business in India or you want to start a joint venture with any other company and you want to proceed according to the legal policies then we can help you in drafting your agreements and contracts. Compliance with the legal policies is very essential to start off a new business in any country. Legal consultancy could really be helpful when you are going to invest a huge amount of capital in any business.

It is not difficult today to find out a law form that help you out in policy making and helping you out in drafting any kind of agreement and contract. If you are looking for a law firm GK & Advocates can help you out in setting up your business in India.

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