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Properties are of two types one is residential property and second is the commercial property. The purpose of buying a residential property is different normally a residential property is purchased for the purpose of settling a family in it. While on the other side the purpose of buying a commercial property is to make money by suing the same property in a form of a shop or an office. When you purchase a residential property your purpose is different and when you buy a commercial property your purpose is different.

So, when you go to buy a commercial property you must a make a list of things that you need to ask to the seller of the property. Firstly, you need to check out the place on your own and you should decide whether that property is perfect for your business or for the purpose you want to buy it or not. Secondly, you should do complete enquiry about the owner of the property whether the seller is a genuine person or not.

Thirdly, you must clarify that the property should not be a disputed property and the seller should not be hiding any important information from you. At times it happens when you buy a property after some time any unknown person comes out and claims his right in the property. So, make sure that where you going to invest your money is safe and genuine and separate from all legal difficulties.

But if you have purchased any property which later you found to be a fraudulent property then you can hire a lawyer and file a suit for recovery of the possession of the property or refund of your money. A lawyer who deals in the property disputes knows very well that how to deal with such matters. You can hire a lawyer and take his help in resolving your property dispute.

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